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Tiffany’s Fat Baby Is Now A Card Game

Happy New Year! I wonder what baby peddler Tiffany is up to this year? Wait, what?


Well then. Apparently she is not busy stopping a picture of her naked daughter from appearing in a card game. She is literally a trading card now. This will be handy for all those p0rvs who don’t have access to instagram, eh? Good thinking, Tiff!

  1. Chiweekedn

    this photo was ALL OVER my Facebook feed this last week ("When you party too much over the holidays and now you have to go to the gym" posts).

    Not sure how I'd feel about that if it were my kid.... but then I don't post naked photos of my kids on Instagram either!!

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  2. Millennial target market

    I thought millennials didn't want to be labeled?

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  3. giant fleshy toddler

    Elliot/f**k Jerry is the worst and this game is just a rip off of Cards Against Humanity, not surprised he used this pic for his game.

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    • Severus Snark

      That card game sounds like hanging out with That One Friend who watches YouTube like a channel and is really pumped to show you his latest "gems".

      I have one of those. He pushes "play" at the top of the Trending list and just watches, hoping to show someone something viral for the first time. It's agonizingly boring and this looks like the board game version.

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      • SkankWilliams

        Holy shit, is that really a thing?!

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  4. SnarkyCat

    If this isn't a wake up call for parents who post pics of their kids online, I don't know what will be.

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    • artisanal twitter account

      Unless it's parents like Tiffany who love exploiting their child for attention.

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      • SnarkyCat

        It's that most parents MO these days?

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  5. LifeHappens

    I bet she wasn't even smart enough to get a big payday, sold her poor child's naked picture for pennies. Disgusting.

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