Internets Slow News Day

Tumblr Will Use Affiliate Links In Your Posts

Post-Karp Tumblr continues to slowly morph into The Last Days Of Geocities. They have announced they will now be shoving affiliate links in your posts.

In a couple weeks we’re going to start adding something called “affiliate codes” to links on Tumblr that don’t already have one…What are affiliate codes? Basically, they tell a merchant that a customer came from Tumblr. And if there’s a sale, Tumblr may get a commission for the referral.

They currently allow you to opt out of affiliate links, but critics wonder how long that will last before Tumblr starts forcing users to pay a fee for ‘ad free’ accounts.

  1. Apologetically Feministy

    Are they in the position to demand anything from their users, since it’s pratically a dead platform?

  2. Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

    I abandoned my Tumblr blog when they start doing witch hunts on music uploaded and shared (my old Tumbr is primarily music oriented) on a basis that users like me are using it for profit. Well hello, not a single cent was earned from posting stuff.
    Or maybe because I’ve grown out of it and it’s getting too kiddish for my liking.

    • Hamilbread

      Maybe you didn’t make a profit, but conceivably one could download the music from your page and sell it. I wouldn’t call it a witch hunt. I certainly did my share of illegal downloads but I understand why they were illegal in the first place.

      • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

        Nah, you can’t download it. Oddly, you can only download the song if it’s your own Tumblr account. But with the crappy music we have today, I would gladly share my collection of classics and obscure (but otherwise, talented and crafted) musicians.

  3. Florida Stanely

    i am not a happy ham.

  4. KAS

    How the mighty have fallen. Where did they go wrong?

  5. Zosew

    I loathe tumblr, so anything that aids in its disappearance is sweet, sweet music (illegal downloads optional)