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Was Carrots ‘N’ Cake “Sponsored” By Reebok?

Tina Haupert, healthy living blogger known logomically as Tuna Helper or something, may be on the brink of another internet call out. In a September 4 post she claimed:

And my exciting CrossFit news: My monthly dues are being covered until the end of the year through a campaign with Reebok and Fitfluential! How cool is that!?! Obviously, I am pumped! THANK YOU, Reebok and Fitfluential. You guys rule!

Unfortunately Reebok claimed in a customer service email that they did not sponsor Tuna:

Thank you for taking the time to write us at Reebok regarding the blog you found at

We understand your concern and can assure you that we do not sponsor the blogger in the post that you speak of.  Your feedback is important to us and I have passed it on to our corporate office.  If necessary, the appropriate person will reach out to you directly to further discuss your concerns.

This is confusing. Did Tina just not understand what she was posting? Or was it actually a package put together by Fitfluential that Tina cleverly worded to make herself sound more of a big dog than she is, in order to lure those major fitness sponsors in the future?