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Was Hey Natalie Jean “Dumped” By Husband?

Over the New Year Hey Natalie Jean, former blogger, posted a strange update to instagram stories. Just a year and a half after being dragged to Idaho by Mr. Natalie Jean she posted a burning list with what looked like a claim that she was “dumped by my husband”.

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There also appears to be something about how she “no longer” has “income”, which may refer to her decision to trashcan her blog last year. She also seems to still be bummed about leaving Brooklyn since one of her items of suckage is “I live in Idaho”.

  1. Vainglorious Poop Weasel


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  2. Just here for the drama

    I love her handwriting

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    • a teenage girl who drives through the neighborhood screaming ball sack! out an open window

      I said the same thing when I saw this. Totes off topic, but it is lovely.

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  3. LifeHappens

    Can't quite make it out - Dumped by my husband after realizing I'd never have another __________ , ever.

    Another what?

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    • Vainglorious Poop Weasel


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      • Birthday with a Balloon

        Dumped because she can not have another baby?! What kind of idiot does that. I feel bad for her... 🙁

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        • topsecretusername

          I didn't interpret it as "husband dumped her because she couldn't have a baby" -- just that the realization and dumping happened in tandem. Not that one caused the other. But I could be wrong!

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          • BlissfulIgnorance

            Yeh, I saw it more as he put his foot down and said "that's it, I'm not trying anymore" and she realised she would never have another child.

            And then he dumped her and she realised that's probably why he didn't want to try and have another baby.

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  4. TrashFace

    Marriages ending when it doesn't seem mutual gives me the sads 🙁

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  5. lonewolf

    Natalie is an exaggerator, so who knows the full story here, but I still feel bad for her/them/Huck.

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  6. Toasted like a grill

    What does that even say? Can't read it LOL

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    • Toasted like a grill

      never mind- saw above comment!

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  7. Ghost of Chickens Past

    Can't snark on this one.

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  8. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    Idaho is relatively terrible unless you are very outdoorsy or you are just there to go to school. I feel for her if she feels stuck there. I hope she's at least in Boise.

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    • Kiwi

      Nope, Moscow.

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      • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

        The hell?! She's deep in redneck country indeed. Yikes.

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        • Kate

          Having grown up in Idaho, I can attest that there is plenty of redneck country, but Moscow is at least a college town. What are they doing there? He must be a professor at UoI.

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          • TrashFace

            I grew up in Montana so I understand country living but my mother moved to the middle of bumf**k Idaho and gets pissy that I haven't come to visit yet......but c'mon!

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            • OldTeacher

              I hope I was suppose to read "c'mon!" in the voice of Gob Bluth.

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          • Evil Willow

            He's actually a professor (or adjunct or something - whatever, he teaches) at WSU, just across the state border. I lived in both Moscow and an even smaller podunk outlying town as a kid, and then graduated from WSU, and it is a pretty redneck area even for being two college towns within 10 miles of each other.

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    • OlyB

      Right? I grew up in Idaho. I cannot fathom having to go back and live in Idaho.

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  9. Judgey-Judgerson

    Nat getting a divorce while TH actually spent time with TW... I feel like I'm in Bizarro World.

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    • derp twerk

      TW must be really good with the PowerPoint, that's all I can figure.

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  10. Myfakie

    I'm sure there's more to the breakup than her not being able to have another baby. She's a known liar.

    * Nope away b***hes!

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  11. Cate

    IIRC, it sounded like her husband made all of the fertility treatments unnecessarily difficult too.

    Pretty manipulative to take your wife to the middle of nowhere, where she is clearly miserable and connections for her means of income don't exist, and then leave her for the thing that everyone saw was a huge likelihood.

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    • hashtag

      She was a blogger, you can literally do that job ANYWHERE. Sponsors can ship freebies ANYWHERE. Instagram ads can be posted from ANYWHERE. Moscow did not kill Natalie's blog. Natalie did that all by and to herself.

      He didn't make her quit the blog, that was her decision. He also didn't force her to rent a 1-room loft for their family of 3. leave the church, alienate her social circle, get a hundred stick and poke tattoos, starve herself, or spend entire days wandering the city aimlessly while gazing adoringly at her navel. He didn't write defamatory blog posts about her mental health. He didn't post unflattering photos or stories about her.

      He did foot the bill for her Eurotrip-Pamphlet tour, no way her publisher paid for that. He let her decorate and furnish that loft how SHE wanted. He also slept on a mattress on the floor for a year and got up for work every day while she stayed up all night watching Netflix. Oh and he footed what was surely a massive bill for fertility treatments.

      She, however, made it clear how miserable she was, and by extension how miserable she must have been to live with. She also outed his psychiatric issues and his "mercy killing"/gruesome euthanasia methods to the entire world. She also proudly refused to do anything domestic if it didn't involve buying chairs or rugs. Cook a wholesome dinner for the kid? Nope. Make coffee? Nope. She bought a million striped shirts and black boots with her blog income while he essentially paid all the day to day bills. Oh and she gave him birthday sex.

      Maybe Holbs was equally miserable in NYC, but I guess that doesn't matter because he's a man and therefore his needs are not important. But he was the one going to a job he hated every day so that his queen could take pro-ana selfies in every reflective surface NYC has to offer.

      It takes two to break a marriage so I'm not saying he's blameless, but we KNOW Natalie has been a basket case for over 2 years. She's no angel so I don't get the poor-pitiful-bird-bone-Nat narrative here. She's equally, if not more culpable for the demise of that relationship.

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      • Zosew

        Thank you! I'm kind of sad when relationships break down, but just from what she's written, if I was her husband I would have left her a long ago, circa the post sex legs in the air snapchat.

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      • derp twerk

        I mostly agree with you, all the cost of their infertility treatments. I never quite understood what was going on there. It seemed like she was going through all the angst of infertility but hardly any treatment. I know that can happen (that you don't have to be doing large scale infertility treatments to have the angst), and I think in their case it did. She went on like that for years before finally popping some clomid. That is all she shared online, anyway, but I don't think they went further with treatments. I got the impression that Brandon never went to do his part and get checked out. They probably didn't exhaust their medical options, either because Brandon wasn't on board or it was money issues. No idea what happened once they moved, but rural Idaho/Washington is probably not somewhere they'd go further with treatments (I could be wrong about that?).

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        • Hereisaname

          Moscow is only an hour and a half from Spokane. I'm sure they could get fertility treatments there if it was really important to them.

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  12. Another Thing

    Can anyone read the other lines?

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    • That Bald Fuckwad

      - Lost both grandmothers
      - Got consumed by my own neuroses and felt awful a lot
      - No longer have an income of my own

      Nope, I can't snark on this one either.

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  13. the french fry queen

    If her husband truly left her because she can't have another kid, or hell even because she become depressed from the pressure of having baby #2 and moving to Idaho, that's pretty crappy. You have one healthy kid and if you leave your wife because she can't have another kid that's low. Granted we are only seeing what she wrote and do not know the full story but I don't trust a dog strangler to be a nice guy.

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    • JIF

      I don't know Natalie and her antics the way others of you do, but that doesn't make sense. There has to be more to the story and this is what she *thinks* it is all about. I could possibly see a husband leaving because the wife said she didn't WANT to have another (a different story than unable to have another) but even then divorce is major overreaction when you have one other child already and are in a good, stable marriage. A good marriage doesn't end because a woman doesn't want or can't have another child. There must be other problems and then something like this just exacerbated them - the straw that broke the camel's back. Which none of this is to say I agree with him or what he may or may not have done....but there has GOT to be more to this story.

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      • the french fry queen

        Well this is why I said we don't know the full story. We're just going off of what she wrote. She has been trying for years for a second kid though so I would not be surprised if the stress of that lead to a split.

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