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Was Hey Natalie Jean “Dumped” By Husband?

Over the New Year Hey Natalie Jean, former blogger, posted a strange update to instagram stories. Just a year and a half after being dragged to Idaho by Mr. Natalie Jean she posted a burning list with what looked like a claim that she was “dumped by my husband”.

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There also appears to be something about how she “no longer” has “income”, which may refer to her decision to trashcan her blog last year. She also seems to still be bummed about leaving Brooklyn since one of her items of suckage is “I live in Idaho”.

  1. meh

    He strangles dogs, she jokes about Anne Frank and sold her husband and kid’s privacy for pricey jeans and a coffee table book. No winners on either side.

    Divorce happens, it sucks, but…meh.

    • MsPeach

      Regardless of the truth (did her strangle a dog, did he have a break down, did he dump her bc of fertility), she has defamed her husbands character online enough times that I imagine if there is a divorce, a judge may order her to stop with the online commentary about him and her son.

      • Heather Chandler

        Truth is an absolute defense to defamation: if he DID strangle the dog, if he DID break down, etc. That said, family court issues some weird orders, though I think a court would be hesitant to place restrictions on a mother’s source of income.

        • glutenfreeloader

          It’s not so much a defamation issue as it is a disparagement clause. This is more family law than civil litigation…we frequently put non-disparagement language in our custody orders, however, enforcement is usually difficult because the way the parent is disparaging is by talking shit to or in front of the children. If she does it online, it’s a lot easier for him to prove. Depends on the language of the disparagement provision obviously (and whether the judge would order this at all) but it’s really more about that than a defamation suit.

          • MsPeach

            Beyond legal defamation, I know of a divorce agreement that prohibited both parties from mentioning each other online.
            Regardless, Nat even lamented on her burn list that she no longer earns an income. It seems foolish to tarnish the reputation of the person who is financially supporting her and their son. The things she is establishing a history of saying about her husband online could impact his employability.
            Besides this is her son’s father.

          • potatohead

            Any family lawyer worth his or her’s salt will give their client the advice to STFU online about their ex or the case, anyway.

  2. Kids Inderporated

    I’ve always liked Nat. Even when she was posting questionable and ick-worthy content last year, I was still in her corner. It was pretty darn clear she was battling some demons … and hey, a lot of us have been there and a lot of people use social media to their detriment when they’re going through shit.

    Depression/mental illness is a b****. Infertility is a b****. These factors together, PLUS on top of your every day trials – parenting, health, extended family problems (i.e. her grandparents), work/job stress, money stress, and relocating across the country … hell, it would put a toll on the healthiest of marriages. No one is immune to shit. No relationship is immune to shit. Here’s hoping that some time apart help to bring them back together.

    And if it doesn’t, well I hope Nat can move onto Portland and carve out a new life for herself. I also hope she is able to get back into writing and write the book her publisher knew she had in her (regardless of her relationship status). She’s certainly got a lot of material to pad out a decent story – even if it’s a fictional version (but I guess blogs are somewhat fiction!). She’s a good writer … I always enjoyed reading her blog, and I actually was excited for her book … again, it’s clear that whatever problems she was having in the past year or two derailed that for her.

    On another note, anyone else waiting to see how long it takes for Taza and Co to drop a foul “my derptacular husband is so wonderful and derpier than yours … oh oops, oh he left you” b****y post? It’s got to be coming.

    • Pink Coat Dilemma

      I don’t mean this in a snarkily directed way towards you, but why does Nat still has so many White Knights here? She’s said horrible things, takes zero responsibility (not just of the “Bullies and internet meanies twist my racist words/actions variety, but blaming her publisher/editor for her book failure/ham sandwich vs reuben bullshit), and literally sold the privacy of her family for what? Clogs, $300 mechanic jumpsuits, and internet adoration? Real question –what’s there to like?

      • fluffhead

        Most people who “have a soft spot” for Nat are people who’ve read her for a while and remember when she was supposedly the target of the NYC Mormon Mommy Brigade, or whatever that means. Alot of people accused Taza of edging her out and Nat became some what of an underdog to readers who just didn’t fit in. But of course, no one has any clue what actually happened.

      • Kids Inderporated

        For me, I always loved her blog and her writing. She didn’t come across as contrived, and I never felt like her son was used as a means to bring her money/content, and she didnt shove the mormon/religious stuff down your throat (unlike Taza, Barefoot Blonde etc). And Huck was/is super cute (unlike other people’s kids!).

        Yes, the last year or two of her blog and online presence was very questionable, and yes, she lost a lot of fans. The whole book tour thing was bad … her too frequent and misplaced sponsored/ad posts and the majority of instagram posts were bad … her oversharing and questionable jokes were bad (Anne Frank, her hatred of her husband making her move to Idaho) … it was awful! But it was painfully obvious that she was (still is) going through depression/anxiety coming towards the end of the blog’s life and as someone who has been through that myself, I WK for people going through similar. I am glad she eventually GOMI’d and shut the blog down … because it certainly didn’t do her any justice keeping it alive. It clearly became very unhealthy for her in the end.

        • Pink Coat Dilemma

          Thanks for explaining your WKing. I only started reading her in 2014 after seeing her on the front page of GOMI (I’d never heard of her before). I don’t see the same things you do in her, but I don’t wish her any pain or suffering at all.

          • Kids Inderporated

            When she was Nat the Fat Rat, her blog was great. When they first moved to NYC they had this little apartment in Manhattan, and she did some awesome things to it to make it their own – from memory IKEA actually featured her in one of their catalogues. When Huck was a baby, his bedroom was a cupboard. That’s when her blog was good. It was just little stories and her sharing what she liked. No advertising, no sack dresses. She rebranded to Hey Natalie Jean around the time bloggers starting getting representation (aka, turning everything into ads) and that’s when it started to become what you recall and everything became about clicks and likes (for all bloggers). Shame really.

        • sandwich

          I think her shutting the blog down was probably an attempt to focus on making herself happier, saving her marriage, focusing on what mattered, etc. I’ve always thought Natalie has her heart in the right place, but she’s really lost in the world (in New York or in Idaho or wherever).

    • glutenfreeloader

      I don’t really know her or much about this situation but moving to another state with her kid is not going to be easy if Idaho is similar to most other states. Generally, parents can go wherever they want but can’t take their kids unless court allows it or other parent consents. Sadly she may be stuck in Idaho 🙁 again don’t know her, she may be wretched, but being stuck in a place you f**king hate because you have a kid with your asshole ex is really not an ideal situation

      • Midwest Liberal Commoner

        Yes. That’s how I ended up in Kansas for 14 years. 🙁

    • artisanal twitter account

      I’m all for empathy but I don’t think it’s fair to give her a pass on the downright despicable stuff she’d said and done with “she’s battling some demons”. Depression and losing family members doesn’t cause you to make Holocaust jokes.

  3. lastonebestone

    My only comment is that I don’t think she should be pushing herself to “let go” yet! I don’t know when exactly in 2016 they divorced, but it’s okay to take awhile to get over the end of a marriage, especially when it produced children. Mourn it properly!

  4. Fuck Toad

    What ever happened to #supporting al women?

    • Top Hat Fancy


      • Fuck Toad

        Thaaaaat’s what it was! I am a very casual reader of NTFR but I knew it was something like that.

  5. juliasparkles2

    I am not buying this, I think it’s another desperate attempt to be on GOMI’s front page!

  6. Getmetothederpontime

    They don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore and he changed his name from the_holbs or whatever to something else. Don’t know why I care…

  7. bulimic minimalism

    That is so very sad. Never expected that to happen to them.

  8. Am I the first to point out that taza”s video today is all about parenting WITH HER HUSBAND and how wonderful that is? The irony of that timing….

  9. Curator of my Children's Privacy

    Some of the commentators are assigning causation that I don’t think exists in her list. She wrote “…dumped by my husband after realizing I’d never have another baby ever”. To me, that doesn’t sound like Brandon dumped her because of infertility; it sounds like the sting of getting dumped by her husband hurts more because she’s not going to have another baby.

    • Hamilbread

      I think some people are reading it as he dumped her after he realized she wouldn’t have another baby, but it could very well be that she was the one doing the realization in that sentence.

  10. allegedly

    If nothing else, Natalie and Freckled Fox have, I hope, made some people think about the pitfalls of a life that revolves 100% around husbands and babies and pretty decorations. I say this sympathetically.

  11. Teenage Kicks

    Has she deleted her instagram?

  12. Teenage Kicks

    My bad, you’re all taking about it on the forum. Soz peeps!

  13. Mec

    Her Instagram is shut down…