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We Wore What Feels You Are Bullying Her Photoshop Skills

Danielle somebody, yadda yadda yet another fashion blogger, is crying into her guacamole because @wephotoshoppedwhat has called out her terrible photoshop diet.

oh noes pass the chips

oh noes pass the chips

The regram, which said simply that Wah-nielle (hm, too forced?) had ‘photoslopped herself onto the naughty list’, apparently ignited a debate over whether the account’s behavior is bullying. Comments ranged from saying the account “may tell the truth but that’s not the right way to do it”, to the usual #yougogirl malarky such as “[m]ore often than not, if someone is unapologetically themselves, they get picked apart”.

So yeah, I guess pointing out really bad photoshopping is bullying now, or something. Which means Jezebel has a lot of apology letters to write to Marie Claire and Redbook.