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“We’ve done a good job for the most part of separating work and family life” Say Bloggers Whose Job Is Posting Their Family On The Internet

Naomi Davis, half of the “tag team” behind Love Taza, finally put up a blog post about their new apartment.

I guess it took a couple of days to get pictures of Naynay in a filmy flowing dress and milkmaid braids twirling in front of their new 6 foot windows, but their announcement post is up at last. They decided to dive right in and explain why they finally need their own version of the Dooce Dream Mansion.

one of the main reasons we wanted a bit more space was to have a separate space for our work each day– a home office if you will. i know sometimes people are like “oh blogging and all that! so easy! no work involved! what do you even do all day?!” but there is actually quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work that we put into what we do every day and while we have loved our current apartment, we really don’t like working in front of our kids or having our computers and phones out in front of them during the day…

They go on to say they “don’t have a big team behind this blog like a lot of people do…it’s just josh and me” – a wonderful way to prompt fangirls to breathlessly ask them “how do you do it all?” as if maintaining a blog consisting of pictures of your kids at a splash pad is roughly on the same difficulty level as curing cancer or Meg Murry saving her father from another dimension.

The ‘we work hard’ rooster chesting concludes with one of the most self-awareness blind statements I’ve ever heard from a mommy blogger: “i think we’ve done a good job for the most part of separating work and family life the best we can when it’s all intertwined a bit in our days”.

  1. JESUS LOVES ME and my sponsored post


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  2. Seriously13

    Meg Murry reference FTW!!

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    • Snootch

      100% agree!

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    • hashtagnofilters

      Oh yeah, brought me way back. Thanks Alice. 🙂

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  3. Grateful

    All I can do is laugh at the apartment post. I guess we know which corner of the apartment is the most IGable, since it's all she's shown so far.

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  4. lazy Triscuit-smelling flaky lipped twat

    They don't like having their phones out in front of the kids!


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  5. crispenclean

    "We really don't like working in front of the kids or having our computers and phones out in front of them during the day..." What is this horse shit? Computers and phones BAD. But yeah, your cameras are out 16 hours a day and you take photos of every little thing your children do, say, wear, play with—that's FINE.

    Not to mention I spent years freelancing at home and it was part of life with my kids, being on my computer or work phone calls sometimes, when I'd be: "I have a meeting on the phone so NOBODY is to be loud or fight or interrupt me" which of course always went really, really well.

    But what is her point here? It's a bad message to show your kids that you have to work to afford that nice apartment? That mothers and fathers can't always be with their children and they have to entertain themselves? That computers and phones are work tools, not just for play time?

    I feel rage-y about this, and about Taza's fake "Imma protect my children from the horrors of our jobs. Yep, just teach them that the world is all about consumerism and sponsorships and ice-cream-eating photo shoots with mama and papa.

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    • Flunked Out of Jelly School

      YES! I'm sure your little crispens will never be the

      They want a bigger place so it's easier to avoid their kids? Really? They live in NYC. I'm sure everyone would have accepted a simple "We wanted a bigger place because we just wanted more space." I work remotely and am so thankful that I am able to make money while simultaneously caring for my kids. I live in 'regular America' so I do have the space for a home office, but it doubles as a playroom so I can actually be around my kids all day. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, though. Maybe all the time "in front" of my computer and phone is traumatizing my little guys. I guess I should proactively try to heal them by taking lots of pictures of them and posting them all over the internet.

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  6. Who ate all the butter?

    I predict approximately 1,000,000 photographs will be taken in NayNay's new corner o' twirling and maybe 3 tightly framed shots of the kids on the kitchen counter and that's all we'll see of the apartment. The wood work, fireplace and pretty windows are definitely the best parts of their apartment.

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  7. Little Broom On The Prairie

    Separating work and family life? Don't like having computers and phones in front of the kids during the day?



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  8. rockinsushiokaaay

    Yes, their children are totally separate from their work. No, they never have their phones out in front of their kids. How is it again that they can now afford to throw away $8K in rent every month?

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    • Danielle

      At this point, shouldn't they be able to afford to buy?

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      • wilson

        This is true, but Josh seems like he likes a good status symbol, and real estate can be that.

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        • rockinsushiokaaay

          Agreed. For someone who is so sanctimonious about lecturing others on the value of their hard-earned money, we can at least hope they're putting money into savings, be it retirement or education funds. Who knows, maybe this apartment is a slum compared to what they could afford if they weren't putting anything away in savings!

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  9. A Touch of the Boleyns

    I work outside the home, as does my husband. Neither of us needs to separate that from our kids because we're not relying on them to pay our mortgage. This couple has literally no self awareness. When they post on instagram about going to church is THAT working hard? Is their daughter's first day of school sponsored post working hard? Is the family eating take out working hard?
    Josh and Naomi, get a grip. You're working hard on pimping out your children.

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  10. catfolk


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  11. EmilyEyeLash

    And I believe her. Bless her heart.

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  12. artisanal twitter account

    Blogging AND being smug?!? She truly does it all.

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  13. Those Freaking Eyelashes

    It's just her and Josh. Right. Sure. No assistant! Definitely buying that.

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    • Seriously13

      Of course it's just Naomi and Josh. And the models/actors -- whoops, I meant the kids. And the "sitters."

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      • Not Today

        Can someone tell the assistant how to capitalize letters and when?

        I don't read this person normally. The annoying lack of basic sentence formatting would give me a headache.

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