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What I Wore Awaits Her Baby With Grace And Gratitude

Jessica Quirk, second time mother, is spending the last days of her pregnancy complaining about still being pregnant.

These last few weeks are rough…It’s so hard not to overanalyze each and every little thing or to consider ways to induce labor.

Despite her past hinting about infertility issues she has decided it’s “hard to be content at 40 weeks pregnant” and that it’s even harder “managing all of the well meaning, but incredibly frustrating questions about how you’re feeling”.

Ah well, at least her hair is prepared to match her hopefully blonde mini-Messi!


  1. Katie

    What's annoying to me about mess, besides most things, is that she's publicly complaining about this-most infertile couples probably want to punch her hideous blonde head right now. Keep that shit to your husband and mom. And enjoy those last days bc, as a mom of two under two, I am telling you, you're gonna feel a whole lot worse in the upcoming months! Mess, if you're tired and uncomfortable now, you got another thing coming! I am betting money that she finally GOMIs after IQ or whatever. She's too weak to handle a toddler, a baby, and a blog post.

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    • derp twerk

      She's not going to watch both of those kids at once by herself, hardly ever. She will bring in help of some kind.

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      • Katie

        Truth. better too if her help likes getting paid in old navy swag

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      • Brick N Motor

        I'm surprised that she doesn't have a live in nanny or au pair lined up based on her postings. My husband's old coworker is on their second au pair (first one from before their move). He commented on how she's never alone with her children. Even coming into the office to show off the kids, she had help. While nice sometimes, I just can't imagine having that all of the time. You have to parent your kids, you know.

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  2. Porney Larue

    I'd say if the purpose of this post was to get her family/friends/aquaintances to either walk on eggshells or just all around stop expressing interest in her, then well done.

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    • derp twerk

      She would *never* want them to stop expressing interest in her. They just have to do it correctly! Her post was basically guidelines for how to pay attention to her.

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  3. Andrea

    Not sure how this is post-worthy- most pregnant people at this stage are fairly uncomfortable and ready to go, and the fact that you may have struggled with infertility doesn't make the last few weeks of pregnancy and less miserable.

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    • lokicat

      Spoken as someone who clearly doesn't follow Messica on a regular basis. Yawn.

      p.s. Nope away fools.

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  4. NetMom

    So sorry, but she does not carry blonde well. She was a great brunette. This blonde is washing out her face and is not flattering imho.

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    • derp twerk

      She did this about 3-4 weeks ago so probably has a brunette stripe through her part by now.

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  5. Wait...What?

    I was 9 days late with my kitten. I was pretty willing to do just about anything to hasten things up. The end was just...YUCK!

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  6. allegedly

    I admit I had forgotten about her lecturing about insensitive people when SHE was "trying."

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  7. Hold In Your Fupa Shorts

    That hair color does NOT flatter her.

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  8. Losing Weight For Jesus

    It may be uncomfortable but she should be be grateful to be pregnant and full term. My friend just gave birth to a preemie at 34 weeks and that shit is scary. Even after 2 weeks in the hospital on drugs and oxygen to promote lung development, it's crazy to see such a teeny tiny baby who doesn't even cry yet.

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  9. Sponsoredcontent

    Just to throw my voice into the sensitivity around complaining about pregnancy to possibly infertile readers -- as far as I'm concerned, just know your audience. I'm sure the end of pregnancy is super uncomfortable, even though I myself have not been able to get pregnant. But, tell your mom, tell your husband, tell your BFF. Don't tell the Internet. It's unbecoming and you don't know who's reading. There is no reason that someone who is about to give birth to a very much wanted child needs to complain that she's a little uncomfortable on her freaking fashun blog.

    What bothers me more is the "recommending" her followers try giving birth. It reminds me of when distant acquaintances ask if I ever want to have kids, not out of genuine curiousity but so they can talk more about their experiences, how they reached the monumental decision to have kids, how life-changing it is. b****, if I had given birth when I wanted to give birth, I'd also be on my second child. Don't tell people you'd recommend having a child the way you'd recommend a new ramen place.

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