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What I Wore Awaits Her Baby With Grace And Gratitude

Jessica Quirk, second time mother, is spending the last days of her pregnancy complaining about still being pregnant.

These last few weeks are rough…It’s so hard not to overanalyze each and every little thing or to consider ways to induce labor.

Despite her past hinting about infertility issues she has decided it’s “hard to be content at 40 weeks pregnant” and that it’s even harder “managing all of the well meaning, but incredibly frustrating questions about how you’re feeling”.

Ah well, at least her hair is prepared to match her hopefully blonde mini-Messi!


  1. Glen Coco

    I hope it’s a surprise boy.

  2. #iloveyouandimeanit

    Perhaps I’m totally ignorant, but is using bleach while pregnant safe?

    • threelimes

      Yep, it totally is safe.

      • threelimes

        I don’t get what’s NOPE about fact. Multiple longitudinal studies have shown that use of bleach/dye causes no harm to a fetus. There are some older ones (from the 1960s, I believe) in which hairstylists had a marginally higher rate of miscarriage.

        • derp twerk

          Don’t fight nopers, it only makes them nope harder lol.

      • threelimes

        I don’t get what is so NOPE! about a fact.

        • Shankz

          Probably her girl fans coming here to be annoying. Let’s see how many NOPES I can get! Come on, suckups…nope away. I want at least 50 nopes.

      • #iloveyouandimeanit

        Cool thanks for clarifying!

  3. Gracie

    Meh. Not really snark worthy.

    • shannonmax

      Agreed – I don’t really see what the issue is here, she sounds like a perfectly normal 41 pregnant woman.

  4. Office Worker

    Dude, that hair is going to be hard to maintain

    • Bitchy Waves

      And it’s ugly. Why has no one mentioned that she spent money to look like this?

  5. Donna

    So because she may have infertility problems she’s not allowed to complain about being uncomfortable?

    • noidea

      This! I struggled with infertility. It took several years and several treatments to get pregnant, and I cannot stand when people act like I have no right to be upset about anything relating to parenting because “I should just be happy I have a baby”. Infertile or not, being 40 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable and I wouldn’t blame anyone for complaining about it.

      • Ambaa

        Agreed! I had infertility and wanted and love my baby with everything I’ve got, but pregnancy is tough and the end is particularly difficult!

  6. Seaside Honey Fantasia

    I can’t even snark. I have a bunch of hamkittens, very wanted babies. It still suuuuuucccckkkked at the end of each pregnancy. I totally know that my due dates were really a due “month.” I still felt emotionally and physically exhausted seeing that due date come and go. I’m not saying JQ isn’t a lookitmyhair twit plenty of times, but I have nothing but understanding on this one.

    • #iloveyouandimeanit

      I mean she’s huge, I can’t imagine it’s fun doing anything in that position.

      • Brick N Motor

        Things aren’t fun at the end of pregnancy, but you can still do stuff. On the day I went into labor with my second, we were out at a place geared towards kids with our eldest. While in labor, I was still out there being a parent, not being all lazy and princess like Messica here.

  7. TrashFace

    That hair makes her look sick

    Signed, a natural blonde who cannot go blonde b/c I also look sickly

  8. Heather Chandler

    She looks like she’s wearing a really bad drag queen wig.

  9. Pink Coat Dilemma

    How dare polite friends/family/adoring fans ask Her Lady Messi Mamma how she’s feeling. Peasants don’t ask such questions to a QUEEN.

  10. Ham Cannon

    That cut and color are so unflattering. She looks like a potato with a wig.

    • boombalatty

      If she’s going for “matronly”, she’s nailed it!

      • Bitchy Waves

        It kind of looks like a wig a cancer patient would wear. Wth?

    • Coco le Rockstud

      Bahahahahahaha! This comment just made my day, thank you

  11. Felicity

    I can’t blame her. The end of pregnancy is really hard. I had trouble getting pregnant both times and I don’t understand why fertility problems would mean you aren’t allowed to complain about the hard parts of pregnancy…..

    • Alice

      Maybe because when you get exactly what you wanted and prayed for you seem like kind of an asshole to complain about it. I don’t understand why she’s exempt from side eye just because she happens to be converting donuts into a human.

      • SoBrave.MuchFeels

        IMO Messi definitely deserves the side eye for her complaining but it’s because she’s an ungrateful asshole who has no idea how easy she has it, NOT because she allegedly had fertility issues. Struggling with fertility does not mean you aren’t allowed to b**** about the tough parts of pregnancy once in a while. But like others have said, she has it SOOOOO EASY compared to the majority of other women in this country and THAT is why she is an asshole.

        Maybe it’s semantics but I feel like you missed the mark a little bit by saying she’s an asshole to complain because of her infertility.


        • Alice

          After all her b****fits about how pregnant women shouldn’t talk about pregnancy or complain about pregnancy during the time when it was *so hard* for her to get pregnant, I guess I just see it differently. Nobody can complain about pregnancy when she is having ‘infertility’ but now that she’s shitting out number two everyone, including other possibly infertile people, should rub her lower back and bring her fresh produce and indulge her every mood and complaint? Sorry. Nope.

          • SoBrave.MuchFeels

            You’re right. I didn’t follow her back then so I forgot she had done that. She’s a total asshole in just about every way so I don’t like defending her. I can just see why people may read your post and get their hackles up.

            Please accept this gif …


            • Alice

              Oh no no, your reasoning makes a ton of sense and I could have gone a better angle with this one. I’m putting it down as a swing and a miss, but I did want to explain my reasoning anyway 😀

            • derp twerk

              A+ for pizza cat gif

          • LaverneandHurling

            I had a friend tell me to my infertile face (she knew, btw) that she was disappointed she was having a boy because she had an easier time coming up with girl names. She also had zero trouble getting knocked up (TWICE so thank GOD she got her girl!) and has had everything she ever wanted come true so I really don’t get a lot of people who can’t count their blessings.

            • Sponsoredcontent

              This-ing this literally. This has happened to me too. I’m always, always happy, genuinely, for a friend who gets pregnant. But some people really don’t get it.

          • derp twerk

            This is what it’s about. It’s about knowing your audience and not being a hypocrite. Maybe some people think this is just normal end-of-pregnancy complaining, but if you know her history then it looks a lot different than that. She has gone nuts on people who talked about pregnancy/childbirth/parenting at times when she didn’t want to hear it. But it’s perfectly fine for her to write about whatever she wants, whenever she wants (with no sensitivity whatsoever to anyone still stuck in infertility hell). Totally her right, but I’m going to call her out on her hypocrisy and insensitivity. And all of you with late pregnancy discomfort, I hope you were able to take 4-5 weeks off work before the baby was born while other people waited on you while you sat on the couch doing literally nothing and outsourcing the care of your older child as much as possible. She’ll be doing the same thing for months after the kid is born. She is not on bed rest, she has not mentioned any pregnancy complications. She took leave of her blog a month ago.

            But even if it is end-of-pregnancy discomfort, everyone does’t need to hear about the woes. There are worse problems. b**** about it to other pregnant women, to friends or family, but the internet in general is a wide audience of people with a wide range of challenges, not a cozy corner of people just like Jessica which I think she sometimes forgets.

          • noidea

            See, this makes sense. It’s a completely different issue. She is a total ass for complaining about people when she was struggling and then doing the exact thing she was complaining about when her situation changed. Complaining about people caring enough about her to ask how she is is just stupid. she should probably re-read some of her earlier posts.

            The idea that someone shouldn’t be allowed to complain about the shitty parts of being a parent just because they needed help getting pregnant is unfair though, and that’s what the post basically implies. Nobody asks or prays for the shitty stuff, it just comes with the territory. Admittedly, this hits home for me because I’ve been there. I am so, so grateful for my kitten, and I will gladly take the bad with the good, but I don’t feel like I lost the right to complain or vent with a friend about the shitty parts of parenthood, or have to be grateful for the bad because I had to try harder to get there. If you wouldn’t side eye a fertile person for complaining (they often “asked for it” too), it doesn’t make sense to side eye someone who’s infertile.

            • derp twerk

              Of course people who went through infertility can complain about pregnancy/parenting, just like anyone else. Same rules apply to all preggos/parents IMO – consider your audience, is all. Messi never does. Once she gets into The Club, she gets amnesia about what it was like not to be in The Club. She knows she has lots of readers going through infertility, because they were supportive of her and encouraging when she was trying to have her first kid. She knows her audience has these people in it, but has conveniently forgotten to consider their feelings. Messi got her kids so she’s moved on.

    • Jessicas Crushed Left Nostril

      I think most people that read (or have read) her regularly aren’t slamming her for complaining per se, but the fact that she is extremely lazy and sniveling about how HARD her life is and how she NEVER has “me” time – which is total bullshit. She lays around on her ass, snapping her fingers at Adam, her parents or her in-laws to bring her donuts and get Squirk 1.0 out of her hair. Couple all those things with her post about “real ways to help a new mama” and you have a recipe for an entitled, me-centric snot like Messi. THAT’S what people have a problem with.

  12. KAS

    End of pregnancy sucks, but she doesn’t work outside the home and her in-laws are talking care of her toddler. My sympathy is limited. My 9-mo pregnant ass was at the office until I got admitted.

    • Brick N Motor

      Me too. We were out doing stuff with our toddler when labor started. The first time, I finished a whole day of work and commute and then went into labor. She’s got it so easy and yet complains. She needs to check herself before this second one arrives because parenthood gets a lot harder with more than one.

  13. Office Worker

    The NOPE!s on these posts are out of control (I look forward to you, NOPE!ers, doing what you do)

    • Brick N Motor

      Seriously. I haven’t been NOPE’ed so hard for expressing how the end of my pregnancy went. I didn’t mention the actual hard stuff like rising blood pressure and scheduled induction. I still went out and was a parent while pregnant. Messi literally couldn’t parent while pregnant. Now she gets to learn how to parent a newborn and a toddler. I wish her luck, but she’s going to need it. She doesn’t seem equipped to handle the challenges emotionally. She’s no better than Jenna, if not worse.