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What I Wore Finally Becomes Lifestyle Blog

After basically abandoning her attempts to get her blog That’s Quirky off the ground, Jessica Quirk has decided instead to begin transitioning her daily outfit blog into a lifestyle site.  In yesterday’s post she announced the coming change:

On a side note: If you’re only here for Daily Outfit posts, please save THIS LINK in your bookmarks. You’ll be seeing more food and lifestyle posts on What I Wore in 2014! 

We’ve been saying for a while that she needs to fold What I Wore into her “That’s Quirky” site and just have a lifestyle blog. Despite how much I hate rebranding, Messica is one person who would actually benefit from one. She hasn’t been posting outfits with any real frequency for at least a year, and honestly she doesn’t seem that into the “personal style blog” concept any longer. Between taking on a side job and revamping her site’s purpose it looks like she’s finally accepting that her reign as queen of the daily outfits is over.