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What I Wore Has Important Political Opinions

Jessica Quirk, had potential, has posted some exciting information that is incredibly relevant to the coming election.

In high school, I was the only girl in my senior class on the short list to win “Most Likely to be a Politician” which I took as a wonderful compliment (see also: most likely to be on the cover of a magazine and most talkative). I didn’t “win” any of them, but I’m 99.9% sure I’m the only one who’s made a career out of being a blogger.

Um…k. Not sure why a woman in her mid-30s is still gushing about how she was somebody in high school, but sure. She goes on to impress upon us how vurry vurry political she is, saying “I do my homework, I read the transcripts, I weigh my options, but most importantly, I vote!” I guess this is supposed to set us up to take her next paragraph urging us all to “rock” our votes super seriously.

…at the end of the day, your vote is yours and you don’t need to share who you’ve voted for or why with anyone else…You can split your ticket or vote in total opposition with your husband or parents or friends. Your vote is yours. Rock it.

Finally she concludes her post with the announcement the world has been waiting for.

…nothing I’m wearing today is maternity! I didn’t expect these jeans to fit this far into my pregnancy, but shimmied down (and later unbuttoned) and they work fine.

Oh thank Hashtag Hillary, for a moment I was worried she might be forced into the elastic panel nightmares only worn by the fat cows unlucky enough to have normal legs! Thanks for inspiring us all to rock the bloat!

  1. double double this this

    Jessica Quirk needs to STFU and shut the blog down. Wow, voting is a right that we should all take advantage of??? Who knew. WIW is so irrelevant.


  2. Artfully Curated Baby

    Okay, so maternity jeans can be a bit of a pain. I spent the majority of my last pregnancy (kid #4) constantly pulling my full-panel mat jeans up. BUT, BUT, never have I walked around with shimmed down and then UNBUTTONED jeans. The hell? Why would you be proud of that? Between this and the unzipped skirt, it’s the opposite of inspiring. If she’d bought 2-4 different maternity bottoms and 6-10 tops and mixed them, added existing accessories and/or toppers (no shade at wearing non-mat vests or cardigans), it would be so much more useful. If the Outfit Posts lady can make 30 days of outfits from 15 items of clothing, it’s clearly possible.

  3. SoBrave.MuchFeels


  4. muffintopper

    I’d be seriously surprised if she knows what any of pertinent issues are right now aside from all the slander and media diarrhea.

    • #basic

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to hear talking politics at Adam. I’ll bet she is such a moron.

  5. M

    I like how she comments that the jeans from Old Navy were “sized up” like….what?

  6. #basic

    Her desperate need to wear non-maternity clothes is pathetic. She’d rather walk around with her pants undone and hanging down bagging at the crotch than wear the maternity clothes she bought. This is more than the hair tie on the button trick. How does she chase a toddler when her pants are falling off? I think the answer is, she doesn’t. She either doesn’t leave the house or she only wears the jeans for outfit photos and changes the moment she walks in the door. It’s okay to be big when you’re 6.5 months pregnant, no one is going to judge that. She has some major body image issues.

  7. Billsburg

    Golly gee, who knew that WOMEN COULD NOT VOTE 100 years ago? Sooooo glad I found out today how to vote and that I can CHANGE MY MIND before Nov. 8. She does her homework and reads the transcripts (?) and wants you to know she does it. Isn’t she a super duper special snowflake?

    • Apeeling Attire

      I know….what the hell are these “transcripts”? I feel like this proves that she doesn’t actually “do her homework” because if she did, she’d know that transcripts are not a thing when you’re researching candidates’ platforms and policies.

      • Frozen Tomato on the Counter

        It to white knight but transcripts of interviews and speeches are often posted on Twitter by the campaign Inness. Doesn’t make her special, just that she has loss of free time to scroll on Twitter.

        • Frozen Tomato on the Counter

          That’s supposed to say NOT to white knight and campaign Embeds and lots of free time.

  8. Purple21

    Maybe it’s a reflection on my high school, but if we had voted anyone Most Likely to be a Politician, it would NOT have been a compliment. Politicians were boring old conservative people with too much money, desperate for attention. The politically aware kids all wanted to be rock stars so they could take on the establishment with really cool subversive songs (yet to be written).
    And it’s interesting that she sees such a clear connection between being a politician and a blogger. She writes, she talks, she votes and she’s a woman. She’s really made it, guys!

    • this city

      At my school it would have been a compliment, but my school was awful.. Catholics love the idea of being in control.

    • #basic

      Her writing that made me wonder if they were making sure that every student got nominated for something.

    • i love chili dogs

      YOU ARE SO INSPIRING! #girlboss

  9. Holden Attradies

    Wait… how can she have been the only one on a short list yet not win? Like seriously, does she not know what a short list is or is she just making shit up?

    • KipDynamite

      She said the only girl, not the only person.

      Regardless, what a sad life she must be living to have to blog about your losses in three categories way back in HS.

      • Holden Attradies

        Ah, okay. I guess I just read “girl” to mean “person”.

        • #basic

          Well, the future is female, so I see why you thought that 🙂

  10. haterader

    Meh, she’s definitely super boring these days, but I can’t really fault her for telling people to vote.

    • #basic

      I’ll fault her. She’s acting smug and superior, but I’d bet money she couldn’t debate her way out of a paper bag on current events. I don’t need her advice on anything, not fashion, not shopping, and definitely not on anything political.

  11. What in the ever-loving feck

    If you have to remind people that you read and research, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

  12. Hot Cocoa

    Rock the bloat! Rock the bloat! This is my new favorite political slogan to say when I’m wearing my fat jeans!

    • Hot Cocoa

      To the Nope vote, I mean, like, I AM FAT. Sorry this wasn’t clear, but thanks for always being on patrol. 🙁

  13. Ghost Backup Dancers

    Maybe I’ve done pregnancy wrong, but what’s wrong with yoga pants or leggings? They fit way better than even maternity pants for me…

    • i love chili dogs

      If your pants are stretchy, you can’t humblebrag about how you didn’t expect them to fit. It is a well-known fact that all fatties/their apologists take the fit of yoga pants for granted.

      • Ghost Backup Dancers

        But can you call it a “fit” when you admit that you’re wearing the jeans unbuttoned?

    • #basic

      She has to be more special than the normals. She was the first fashion blogger you know.