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What I Wore Is “Over It”

Jessica Quirk, mid-century farmwife, recently announced she’s been “lacking the motivation” to really do anything with her blog. Today she’s apparently “over it”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.09.54 AM

It seems she now spends most of her time on instagram stories ranting about topics ranging from her current level of satisfaction with her body…


…to sharing strange ‘you go girl’ poetry that seems more directed at herself than anything…


…to repeatedly mentioning how she’s trying to keep her boobs from showing since she insists on constantly pointing a camera at herself when there’s nothing between her tits and our eyes but a wiggling infant.


She also subwhines a lot about how pretentious other bloggers are (“I would never call myself an influencer” and then proceeds to call herself an influencer), and has bizarre crying jags that within 24 hours turn into her babbling a bunch of self-affirming self-hugs.

So if you’re growing tired of her strange outfits and want a different kind of Messica experience you should check out her instagram stories feed. It’s a wonderful example of how listening to the “I love how real you are! So tired of curated lives!” feedback loop that’s currently taking over social media can basically flush certain ‘brands’ down the toilet.

  1. Katie

    Holy hell. Post partum hormones? Or is this her usual personality? Maybe she should take the lack of internet connectivity on the farm as a sign.

    • Glen Coco

      It seems like her normal personality, as witnessed in the Love Puppy years, amped up on the PP hormones.

  2. jobless ground turkey blogger

    She seems seriously unhinged.

  3. Candace Started the Fire


  4. A GentleHam and a Scholar

    This one time at Fashion Week…

  5. Case of the Sadz

    Today she’s also “not a brand”.

  6. i just cant even

    She’s done gone and lost it.

  7. endless crotch

    Holy crap! She looks even worse than I thought!!! She doctors the shit outta her once in a blue moon outfit photos. Ive never saw that scar on her eyebrow in any outfit photo, ever. At least, i think thats a scar?

  8. Not Saying It Was Squirrels

    I’m confused… why doesn’t she just… stop… blogging?

    • Glen Coco

      Because without blogging she’s just a midwest mom of 2 kids who wears her husband’s t-shirts. She has such little sense of self, it’s like blogging is her whole identity (which just kills me given that she blogs twice a month)

  9. Jasmina

    This is for real a fashion blogger? I just peeked at her insta and it’s a bad mom hairdo in JC Penny -esque clothes in the middle of a cow pasture. I imagine she says y’all a lot What did I miss?

    • sponsoredcontent

      The only thing you’re missing is 10+ years of the same emotional crap from her. Whether a 20-something vegan runner, an Oscar de la Renta fashion plate (for like.2 seconds), an Indiana housewife with an imaginary NYC pied-a-terre or an earth mama, she’s always *just* figured out how to be her true self, truer than any of the rest of the haters who talk sh*t about her because they’re “jealous” of her long legs and her emotional stability.

  10. Luigi

    I have to confess I’m actually loving the way she’s been lately. Could be that I’m also a new mom and riding the struggle bus too. But she just seems real and not perfect too which is refreshing.

    • yoga grudge

      I doubt it’s the same, though, unless you were a pretentious snooty b**** to people in that situation before you got into that situation yourself.

  11. Isla

    Christ, she has an ugly f**king haircut. That color does nothing for her bland face.

  12. #soveryblessed

    Woof. Hang it up, lady.