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What I Wore No Longer Really Cares About What She Wears

Jessica Quirk, ‘queen’ and ‘mommy’, has spent the past decade trying to make herself happen in an industry that is all about appearances. Well now she’s decided she doesn’t care about any of that.

In her latest post she essentially informs everyone she just does not care what she looks like for her style blog anymore.

I used to be so terrified of posting a less than perfect picture online and now… well, now I celebrate my real life. The hair out of place, the outfit that I love and isn’t as figure flattering as it could be, the meh hair day or the wrong shoes with that top. Cause baby, it’s not worth the headache to live up to someone else’s version of perfect.

Messica yapping about her newfound confidence and maturity is nothing new, but she seriously sounds like Christy Masters about 97% of the time now.


Anyway, this isn’t to knock The Midwest Mess about her self-perceived personal growth. I’d just like to know why she continues to have a blog called ‘What I Wore’ if she doesn’t really gaf what she wears anymore?

If she’s so above putting effort into her appearance now that she’s celebrating “my real life” then why have a blog in a niche focused on appearance? It’s time for her to rebrand as a mommy/lifestyle blog if she’s “been lacking that level of motivation for the past six plus months”. Yes, she says she is lacking the motivation to simply do her job which is…getting dressed. Ya know, something most people do before they go to their job?

Ok, rant over, I know no1curr. Have a great weekend!

  1. HLBlech

    Only these fashion bloggers can make getting dressed up in c/o and gifted clothing seem like a miserable experience.

  2. sponsoredcontent

    Given the number of hours she has spent in the salon chair perfecting her cool mom (sorry, cool blonde. Cool blonde), I would say she very much cares about a hair out of place. She’s just bummed she isn’t coasting into postpartum style as easily as she’d hoped. As with everything Messi, this supposed graciousness will last no longer than it takes her to squeeze into Old Navy and J.Crew Factory again.

  3. Nina

    She’s such a weird combination of smug and insecure.

  4. a random manbun and friends

    Do you have any business ladies specials?

  5. Boofrickinghoo

    Every time I read something from or about her, all I can think is “she is a lunatic”.

  6. ActualRunner

    It’s been years since I’ve clicked over to her blog, but my gut reaction looking just now was “if I were to run into that in the airport, I’d know she’s a Midwest mom really excited and proud to be out of the house where people can see that she put on real pants today.” Her hair is just terrible and the outfit is just clothes with a neckerchief because fashun.

  7. sparklemom

    As soon as she loses the baby weight she will blog about her “reawakening” as a woman, not just a mother, blog about Paleo, workouts, taking care of yourself and not just your children, etc. She is SO predictable.

    • Don’t forget being increasingly condescending about women who didn’t claw back into a size 4 after baby because if she can do it then everyone should be able to do it. You just have to want it like she did and put in the work and eat healthy like she did, and whatever other bootstrapping smug privileged upper middle class midwestern libertarian/Randian nonsense she keeps hidden under that veneer of trendy liberalism.

  8. The Angry Boob

    She is the worst.

  9. Fuster Cluck

    After reading her latest post, it appears that in addition to not giving a crap about what she wears, she has also ceased to give a crap about grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    Also, there is nothing “unconventional” about putting on a neckerchief, dear.

  10. Coco le Rockstud

    I highly doubt she’s going to be squeezing into a size 4 soon, if ever again. Not body snarking, but let’s be real, she’s Bragging about getting in a shower at this point, and unless Adam is going to work out FOR her. She’s not going to be doing any working out, or she’d be doing it already. Girlfriend got hours a day to chat into her phone, so if she were going to get into shape, now would be the time. I call total bullshit

  11. BlissfulIgnorance

    Meh, the blog is “what I wore” not “what you should wear” so I think she should still blog the struggle-outfits, as well as the times when she finds the energy (and c/o outfits) to dress up. That’s real life. Not going to snark on that.

  12. MaxxiPad

    Honestly I don’t think she ever cared what she wore. I was never impressed.