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What I Wore No Longer Really Cares About What She Wears

Jessica Quirk, ‘queen’ and ‘mommy’, has spent the past decade trying to make herself happen in an industry that is all about appearances. Well now she’s decided she doesn’t care about any of that.

In her latest post she essentially informs everyone she just does not care what she looks like for her style blog anymore.

I used to be so terrified of posting a less than perfect picture online and now… well, now I celebrate my real life. The hair out of place, the outfit that I love and isn’t as figure flattering as it could be, the meh hair day or the wrong shoes with that top. Cause baby, it’s not worth the headache to live up to someone else’s version of perfect.

Messica yapping about her newfound confidence and maturity is nothing new, but she seriously sounds like Christy Masters about 97% of the time now.


Anyway, this isn’t to knock The Midwest Mess about her self-perceived personal growth. I’d just like to know why she continues to have a blog called ‘What I Wore’ if she doesn’t really gaf what she wears anymore?

If she’s so above putting effort into her appearance now that she’s celebrating “my real life” then why have a blog in a niche focused on appearance? It’s time for her to rebrand as a mommy/lifestyle blog if she’s “been lacking that level of motivation for the past six plus months”. Yes, she says she is lacking the motivation to simply do her job which is…getting dressed. Ya know, something most people do before they go to their job?

Ok, rant over, I know no1curr. Have a great weekend!