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White Women Will Bring Justice To Africa With Style And Hashtags

white ladies

Kelle Hampton, cares about the safety of women and young girls, is teaming up with 7 other white middle class women to bring “justice” to Rwanda. How will they do that? With a trip sponsored by a jewelry company, duh.

This summer, we’re fusing fashion and justice as Noonday Collection partners with International Justice Mission for the #StyleForJustice Story Team Trip to Rwanda. Join us as we journey with a group of storytellers in order to spread the word that when we use our purchasing power for good and pursue the cause of justice, hope for the poor is possible.

They are even having a contest so one of you (yes, YOU!) can join them. And how can you win? Well first you submit your entry, then you get your social media community to vote the crap out of you. Out of the top 7 most voted for, Kelle Hampton and pals will select the 3 they want to come along. Then those 3 will vote beg some more until the winner is announced.

Yes, nothing spreads global justice like jewelry, social media popularity contests, and poverty tourism. I guess Kelle has to do something to win next year’s Iris Award, right?