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Whole Pantry Empire Begins To Crumble

The Whole Pantry, the app and community created by magical mystery cancer lady Belle Gibson, appears to be unraveling. The app is apparently no longer found on the Apple App Store – and publisher Penguin has pulled the ‘Whole Pantry’ book.

…we have been left with no other option but to stop supplying the book in Australia. We remain hopeful that we will receive the formal assurances we have requested in the coming days…

Since Belle’s instagram has been emptied of photos and the Whole Pantry facebook page seems to be unavailable, media outlets can only continue to wait for some sort of statement from Belle about what exactly is going on.

  1. Helena Hambasket

    Dude. I cannot even wrap my head around people like this. I have so many thoughts and feelings about this. I curse anyone who pretends to have cancer because obviously they never held their dad’s hand while he took his last breath (age 58, lung cancer mets to liver, fastest decline ever – 2 weeks from diagnosis to death). I thank G*d every day that I am relatively mentally and emotionally healthy, and don’t feel the need for attention like this. My heart weeps for her poor child. Belle, I very sincerely hope this has taught you the biggest lesson you’ll ever learn and this is going to be the start of a new life of honesty for you.

    • Sucks to your Assmar

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • Helena Hambasket

        Thank you- it’s been 13 years this February and it’s still hard. He’s missed so much like meeting my huscat and holding the kittens….

  2. shannoncooper

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  3. blogging is dead

    I had a friend in high school who didn’t make a performance of mine. She lied and told me her dad had been in a car accident. He never was in a wreck. People like this and those who pretend to have cancer or anything… lies…. scum.

  4. cupcake cray cray

    she misunderstood her original diagnosis. it wasn’t ‘brain cancer,’ it was a ‘brain cloud’ and it would kill her in 5-6 months, although she would remain completely healthy looking the entire time.

    oh wait, that was the plot of “joe versus the volcano,” not reality. whoops.

  5. Blissful ignorance

    Meh. I have the app and still would have bought the book because I like the recipes and inspiration. I struggle with the idea that people actually believed this stuff would cure cancer. and now the publishers are all shocked SHOCKED that the book possibly doesn’t contain any real magic? Does a kale and Apple smoothie recipe only taste good if the recipe author is actually dying? It seems to me like the publishers saw potential in the book because of public pity and hype rather than the actual content which is pretty sick if you ask me.

    • side eye

      You mean the content that was stolen and untested (whole recipes – with photos – were lifted wholesale from other bloggers and slapped on the site, as well as people admitting they provided recipes to Belle that hit the book so quickly before publishing there was no chance to test them), and the “inspiration” that was manufactured specifically to create public pity and hype? I ‘m jealous of both your disposable income as well as time if you’d waste either on a pack of lies.

      • activate my almonds

        A recipe and photograph was directly swiped from Martha Stewart. The gaul of the girl! She’s wasted her time quite well, from what I can see. But she’s come undone, and I’m glad. I’m survived cancer, and just cannot fathom anyone making up that shit. Or involving their kid. Sick girl, but not in the way so many originally thought.

  6. activate my almonds

    “I’ve survived*, rather. Sorry!

    • Nature abhors a Dyson

      …and also “gall”.


      • activate my almonds

        f**k, I am having a BAD day with typos. I’m usually so on the ball! Bigger things on my mind, I suppose … bless your heart, though XO

      • activate my almonds

        I’ve been watching too much ‘Better Call Saul’ …

  7. hollyduffy

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    • Purple21

      I was just fuming over that article! Surely there’s a middle ground between supporting someone in a scam, and saying “I don’t buy that you’re really sick.” The woman in the article is absolutely not comparable to Belle – she wasn’t selling snake oil, and (I hope) she genuinely is raising money for charity. Maybe nobody cross-examined her about her cancer or asked to see her scars, but she’d still have plenty of circumstantial factors supporting her story. She’s crazy to link herself with Belle.

      • marijana

        And besides, Belle’s cancer’s weren’t “unusual-sounding diagnoses”, they were too simplified names. Also why is it a problem to ask about the details of your diagnosis?

        • Purple21

          This. I have a chronic health condition, and usually people don’t feel comfortable asking what is wrong, in case they get bombarded with tears or gruesome symptoms. But they know I go to hospital regularly, and when I feel the need, I try to explain my condition without scaring or embarrassing anyone – and I don’t try to sell anything by promoting myself as a miracle cure!

          Daily Life has taken the article off their FB page, so obviously it hit a nerve!

  8. buddhagirl

    I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be liable in a criminal court, given she effectively obtained money through deception by giving so many assurances that the money from customers’ purchases of her app, book etc would go straight to various charities. Yet that never happened, except in a few cases where the organisations pressed her to come good on her promises. Others will believe that her cancer lies should see her locked up – but somehow i can see that deceiving others about her condition would be more of a civil issue.

  9. Purple21

    Breaking news: Belle Gibson grants her first interview to the Australian Women’s Weekly, who are quick to point out they did not pay her for the privilege.

    Here is an excerpt from the teaser:

    In a special investigation, The Weekly reveals the reality behind her cancer diagnosis, the current financial state of her business, The Whole Pantry – and her belief that she has been hard done by.

    Belle tells The Weekly she decided to take part in the interview because it was the right thing to do.

    “I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.’”

    • Douche Baguette

      Human? No Belle, you are inhuman!

      • Purple21

        Well, to be fair, animals don’t pretend to have diseases so they can scam money out of other animals… so in that context I suppose we have to agree she’s human.

  10. Purple21

    More extracts from the Belle Gibson confessional interview:

    Gibson believes her “troubled” childhood may have led her to lie about her condition….
    “When I started school, my mum went, ‘My daughter is grown up now’. All of a sudden I was walking to school on my own, making school lunches and cleaning the house every day.

    “It was my responsibility to do grocery shopping, do the washing, arrange medical appointments and pick up my brother. I didn’t have any toys.” Gibson is now estranged from her mother and would not provide The Weekly with her first name or contact details.

    Does this sound familiar to anybody? Belle spins an implausible story – this time a 5 yo trotting off to the supermarket to shop for an entire family, presumably using her credit card, before taking her little brother to the doctor, where she would have to produce a Medicare card and then fill any prescriptions at the local chemist – and once again there is nobody to verify it. We can’t ask her mother if it is true, because Belle would prefer us not to talk to her.

    Maybe while she was doing the family groceries she could have picked up a Barbie doll from the toy aisle, poor neglected baby.

    • Does she not realize her mom will probably read the interview, and will provide either confirmation, or more than likely, direct evidence to the contrary? This girl has got to stop digging.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Please don’t ever change your username.

      • Purple21

        I would LOVE to hear from Belle’s mother! Even if she doesn’t want to do an interview, a few childhood photos of Belle playing with some toys would be sufficient.

        Here’s another quote from the story: “I understand the confusion and the suspicion, but I also know that people need to draw a line in the sand where they still treat someone with some level of respect or humility — and I have not been receiving that.”

        If she understand the confusion and suspicion, why does she expect to be treated with respect? Why on earth does she expect anyone to treat her with “humility”??!! Does she think she is some kind of goddess to be worshipped without question?

  11. Urethra Franklin

    And people are supposed to believe a childhood sob story of a c**t who lied about having cancer? Yeah, nah.

    I love this comment from the “confession” article, which is exactly how I feel about every single blogger on the internet.

    “This should be a lesson to anyone who religiously follow a blogger/bloggers. They are bloggers because they have no other skills or talent but have realised they can make money with this wonderful new thing called “the internet”. They generally know nothing about what their blog represents, just goggle info from other similarly clueless people and will betray their “values” for monetary gains from advertisers. Bloggers are not credible in any way, don not buy into their BS!”