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World Prays As Dooce Continues To Recover From Texting Injury

In shocking health news, Dooce, ever bravely suffering, has revealed she’s been bravely suffering from a horrible, painful injury for months.

One Saturday afternoon in early August I texted so much and so furiously that I woke up the next morning with a shooting pain in my right thumb. I could barely move it and began texting with my index and middle fingers.

Telling a nurse she “texted too hard”, Dooce was able to bravely make it to a sports doctor who gave her a shot of prednisone and sent her home to bravely suffer and freak out on twitter.

It seems Dooce’s thumb requires more pain management, even after a second trip to the doctor for more shots. Saying she has “become fascinated by the human capacity to endure pain”, she went on to compare her hand x-ray to her mother’s cancer treatment before telling us she is “now exploring other doctors and options” to deal with her incapacitating situation.