Internets WTF

XOJane Wants You To Advise A 17 Year Old

XOJane is trying to post better content lately. As part of that noble effort, they are sharing stories sent in by suicidal teenagers. In a piece titled “How Do I Stop Hating Myself?” a kid asks advice from the Hivers on how to deal with problems that should really be dealt with by a professional.

I’m 17 and I had my first, and so far only, boyfriend when I was 13…A few days before my sixteenth birthday I got a text from a friend of his saying that he was dead. I knew he killed himself and I keep blaming myself for it.

The writer goes on to say they “can’t stop thinking if I had done more he’d still be here today” and adds they “haven’t self harmed in awhile, but this still gets to me so much so that thoughts of suicide flood my head because I just want to stop hurting and blaming myself”.

Does anyone else wonder wtf was going through the XOEditors’ minds when they posted this? Rather than responding “wow this is probably something you should seek counseling for, here are some resources”, they posted it for ragebait and pageviews. Welcome to ‘legitimate online media’, folks.