DIY Blogging

Young House Love Is Just Too Busy To Post Now, Guys

Young House Love, professional bloggers, are doing less and less blogging. Well…less and less blogging that their readers care about.

You see, after informing everyone back in April that they didn’t even want all this popularity and would be “scaling back” their posting frequency, readers have become less and less gruntled – and that growing irritation came to a head after the Dynamic Do-overs announced there would be only one actual post this week on their little blog bliggidy blizzog.

We hoped to have a Thursday post for you guys but this week didn’t go as planned. So sorry!

Suddenly the comment section of the post turned into the Hoover Damn scene in Superman. Readers began coming out of the woodwork to call Jdawg and $her unprofessional, with others wanting to know why their diy skills have not improved in the past 5+ years of doing a diy blog. One commenter said maybe if the Petersiks “spent less time monitoring comments” they would “have more time to write another post per week”; many said they felt like John and Sherry just aren’t that into blogging anymore.

There were the Team Petersik fanpoodles, of course. But the overall tone of the comments seems to be one of confusion (there’s a whole bunch of “this is your job“), and side-eye (a lot of people wondering what the hole they do with 80 hours of work-at-home time between them that they can’t throw up some kind of quick post).

Basically it’s turning into anarchy over there, and this Airing of Grievances is probably giving them the most pageviews they’ve seen since they first typed the words “laundry room”. I guess all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for their slobbering “please keep clicking, folk$” follow up post. Oh come on, you know it’s coming.