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Young House Love Jumps On The Podcast Bandwagon

Young House Love, they just can’t stay away I guess, are joining basically every other waning blogger by moving to podcasting. Because podcasting is super cool with all the kids and is like trendy-dizzle represent dawgs. Or something.

The first question on everyone’s mind is probably: why a podcast? (And for anyone whose first question is actually “what’s a podcast?” we’ll get to that in a moment). The short answer to the whole “why ” question is that we’re podcast junkies, especially me, and we got excited to try something new and a little bit different for us.

Sure. Ok. They currently have three episodes available and they are…just awful. I’m sorry but they’re awful. They are just as terrible and forced sounding on radio as they are on video. But they claim they are super nerdy a/v club  geeks so obviously they want to be part of the podcastocracy. And obviously, sweet $pon$or money and the chance to show off how many celebrities they know is a great bonus!