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Young House Love Jumps On The Podcast Bandwagon

Young House Love, they just can’t stay away I guess, are joining basically every other waning blogger by moving to podcasting. Because podcasting is super cool with all the kids and is like trendy-dizzle represent dawgs. Or something.

The first question on everyone’s mind is probably: why a podcast? (And for anyone whose first question is actually “what’s a podcast?” we’ll get to that in a moment). The short answer to the whole “why ” question is that we’re podcast junkies, especially me, and we got excited to try something new and a little bit different for us.

Sure. Ok. They currently have three episodes available and they are…just awful. I’m sorry but they’re awful. They are just as terrible and forced sounding on radio as they are on video. But they claim they are super nerdy a/v club  geeks so obviously they want to be part of the podcastocracy. And obviously, sweet $pon$or money and the chance to show off how many celebrities they know is a great bonus!

  1. YoLymeDa

    There are very few bloggers I'd be interested enough to listen to on a podcast. Actually there are no bloggers I want to listen to. The podcasts I find interesting aren't extensions of a blog or about blogging, social media, or any subject in the Circle of Jerk.

    Some people need to get over themselves.

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    • Jan74 smells like hashtags

      This. Also, these people are alleged DIY experts... how on earth is that an appropriate podcast subject? If there was ever a subject that required video, it is DYI.

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      • YoLymeDa

        It's because podcasting is a "thing" now and apparently all of the "thought leaders" have to do it.

        If I don't want to read your blog, I definitely don't want to listen to your podcast.

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      • Ja'Crispy

        Because they've got the faces for radio.

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        • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

          On the radio, no one can hear you ponytail.

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  2. Saint Dorothy Mantooth

    I'm a huge podcast junkie. I love podcasts. And I naturally thought it would be fun to start a podcast of my own. Then I asked myself, "Do I have anything to say?" And I did not, so I never started one. The end.

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    • Orangey

      A podcast is actually really hard to do well and even harder to sustain over time. It's so much more than just talking to each other and recording it. Can't wait to see how long this lasts.

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  3. Ladycoder Tantrums

    I'm not sure how well a visual blog (remodeling and decorating homes) is going to translate to radio...

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    • Dr Phils Martini

      Exactly my thought. I do listen to some podcasts, either for humor or story telling or news, but there are just some communication mediums that DIY/decor doesn't translate to.

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    • Maggles

      I routinely listen to podcasts on subjects (ex: baking, dog training) that you would think are not particularly conducive to the medium.

      Nothing on this earth could make me interested in YHLcast.

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  4. [IMG][/IMG]

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  5. use shat youve got

    No one cares.

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    • Have Several Seats

      I was going to write a longer comment, but this is already so perfect.

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  6. Splash of Color

    I thought it was interesting when they were "name dropping" in the introduction episode they neglected to mention the Bowers...

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  7. gillyBean

    holy f**kballs, why is the post SO DAMN LONG. First of all: who doesn't know what a podcast is?! Second of all (that's right, I said second of all): listening to a podcast shouldn't be a 7 step process with endless screenshots; post a link and be done with it and third of all: nice Apple earbuds. Makes it seem super legit. Pfft.

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  8. Ellen Walked But, I Kath, Ran 4 Miles in a Mary Kay Business Suit

    Can't wait until they interview these exciting personalities:

    1. Karl the Kouch
    2. Jarvis the Ceramic Rooster
    3. Malcolm the Moose Lamp
    4. Sir Duck of Goodwill Hunting
    5. Norman the Narwhal

    and...of course...Sue the Napkin!

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    • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

      I might actually listen to that....if someone other than them did voices for all those characters.

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  9. Apeeling Attire

    When podcast? Where podcast? Who podcast?

    There you go, Sherry. There are a few more first questions that NO ONE IS ACTUALLY ASKING because no 1 curr.

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  10. English Butcher Shop

    Lol they can't deal with Chris Loves Julia getting ahead of them. It's pretty obvious, Petersiks.

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