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Young House Love Returns To Redesign Site

Curated! Time capsule!

Curated! Time capsule!

Young House Love, ‘accidental authors’, returned briefly in order to redesign their site. After the flounce heard ’round the internet, they continued to sporadically update their instagram but have otherwise remained silent. Now they have quietly come back to reconfigure the site to be less of a blog and more of a static catalog of their projects.

We figure it makes more sense for our project gallery to become our site’s front page since we’ve cataloged over 900 projects over the years (you know, instead of staring at the same old post forever)…Happy DIYing!

Saying the site is “a time capsule of sorts” the couple also updated their “About” page to past tense phrasing, apparently indicating once and for all that they’re done updating YHL.

And with that “omg no1curr Alice” post I take my leave probably until Monday to celebrate the holiday of “Drink With Your Friends And Ignore Your Parents’ Phone Calls”. Unless someone sends me an omgwtf story tip, of course. Feel free to use this post as the Thanksgiving Open Post because I know everyone is over YHL, and follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you get super bored and want to see what I’m doing while I ignore you hams. Happy American Thanksgiving!