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“Young House Love” Will Photoshop In Some Safety Gear

Young House Love, here, here, and here, have long been getting called out for their ridiculous use of Photoshop for absurd reasons. Now it seems a GOMIBLOG reader found a particularly wtf potential ‘shop – safety gear.

Apparently back in August Sherdawwwwg and The Guy Who Also Does Stuff refinished their deck. (Yeah, I know, I’m already bored too.) Included in the post was a picture of Essbee painting a railing, looking fit and safety conscious:


The problem is, they forgot to delete the original:


WOMP WOMP. I’m not sure what the point of this would be, honestly. Why not just grab a mask and take a new pic if your’re that worried about what the YHLoonies will say? They obviously had the masks there for the supplies pic. And since she’s not wearing it in other pics I’m not sure why they even went through the effort for this one pic.

I need answers, people! Why do they keep ‘shopping things for no sensible reason???