Youtuber Being Sued For Posting Rants About Her Ex

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Trisha Paytas, the fameballing youtuber who claims her boyfriend cheated or something, spent her post-breakup days sitting on the floor posting tear-filled videos questioning his sexuality.

i have no idea what to believe. i’m not outing him. he told me he wasn’t gay but this girl is saying she saw him hold hands and kiss this guy last night. i don’t know

i’m embarrassed and hurt. how could he do this to me ?

In response to her allegation filled crypocolypse her ex has decided to sue her for slander. Trisha’s response is, basically, that he was asking for it by dating her.

you can’t get something for nothing. you can’t have the cake and eat it too. he wanted to be on youtube and social media with me. that comes with responsibility and also with reputation. you uphold it or you don’t. i was not going to let him ruin mine. the video in questions was me defending something i knew nothing about.

Her 10 minute, expletive filled rant at least has her back in full makeup, so, progress, I suppose. She wonders aloud if this is all a scam, saying “like, did you set this all up for, like, you’d know I’d go crazy, and like, ok I can sue her now?…Honey knows I got money…if that’s what this is all about, you show those true colors.” She goes on to reiterate that this is what you get when you want to date an internet celebrity.

“We were in an online relationship…I got played so I thought why not make a video about this humiliation?”

  1. Thrashing Around In A Tutu

    Her face looks like somebody sent a Barbie doll through an Easy Bake Oven. Tragic.

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  2. Boofrickinghoo

    Her annoying voice, cat lady fingernails, and an entire Sephora store on her face is why he boogied, I wager.

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  3. oh, you

    I do like the 301 lashes paired with a nude lip. Her eyes scream DRAG QUEEN but her lips whisper *poor quality fillers*....

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