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Smugging Down The Aisle: KERF’s Second Wedding

As some take vows to renounce their Kathy hate, KERF prepares to vow to stay beige, vanilla, and ready to eat after eight hours in a fridge.

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Freckled Fox Confirms The Rumor

Confirming information revealed days ago on, Emily Meyers (of Freckled Fox fame) has announced she is pregnant with her gun-toting man bunned replacement husband Richard.

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Stasia Reveals: “I’m A Victim Of Domestic Violence”

Stasia Bowen, best Uber driver ever, has taken to instagram to share “one of the worst secrets I’ve ever kept”, a secret she’s been hiding “for several months”.

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DaddyOFive Couple Sentenced For Neglect

Mike Martin and his wife, the “DaddyOFive” youtubers who built a channel around screaming at their kids, have been handed five years of probation.

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Jenna Wants To Share Her Post-Coitus Thoughts

Jenna Cole, wealthy, had her voids filled “for a few aching moments”.

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GOMI Now Has

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Whine To Wine Will #prayforhouston


Kelly and Kylee decided to “make the best” of the tropical storm that FEMA estimates will result in upwards of 30,000 people seeking emergency shelter.

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