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Rage Against The Minivan Confirms Divorce

Kristen Howerton, of Rage Against The Minivan, is the latest of the first generation mommy bloggers to finally admit her marriage has ended.

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What I Wore Trying Another Rebrand

Jessica Quirk, girl mom, seems to be making a second attempt to move out of fashion blogging.

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The Freckled Fox Has A Beautiful Instamarriage

Emily, instagram expert, gave her replacement husband some advice about how to instagram correctly. And it came off about as cringey as you’d expect.

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Freckled Fox Hashtags Appropriately

Emily, innocent victim of internet meanies, has posted a gushing pic thanking her knee shooting husband for marrying her. And the hashtags are…uh wtf.

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Alina Is A Friend Of Jews

Alina Gonzalez, does not care about your opinion, spent hours yesterday spewing her opinions about every race on the planet. Basically she likes everyone except white women, and thinks the Jewish people have always spoken to her soul.


Oh, did you think that was it? Because A-Goz went on for another 10 breathtaking watermelon text hours, working out her mommy issues in a spectacular, circular, racist stereotype-filled fashion. She begins by telling us that white women suck in bed.

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‘Just Brandi’ Is Pregnant

‘Just’ Brandi, the former Mama Laughlin, has announced she is gestating a human with her post-divorce boyfriend.

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Love Taza’s Uterus Hits The Blog Content Jackpot

Naomi Davis, the baby making cog that keeps the whole blog factory running, has announced she is expecting baby number 4…and 5.

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