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Fat Guy Across America Is Going On A “Troll Ride”

Eric Hites, tragedy on a bicycle, has announced he is meeting a ‘completly [sic] out of his head crazy’ ‘troll’ for a joint bike ride – and apparently everyone is welcome to join them.

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Dooce Has Selected The Winning ‘March For Our Lives’ Poster

Dooce, still struggling to be edgy, attended a sign painting party for the #neveragain march. And according to her, a sign urging assault weapon supporters to ‘squeeze boobies not triggers’ is ‘currently winning’.

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Hello Fashion Will Use International Women’s Day To Celebrate Men

Christine Andrew, inexplicably has a million instagram followers, has an uplifting message for all you women out there.

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NieNie Dialogues Will Help You Pray Away The Gay

Stephanie Nielson, heteronormative smug, has proudly announced her participation in a conference that will help all you gays learn how to pass in Godly society.

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Man Repeller Finally Births Her Twins

Leandra Medine, whose personal style was so abhorrent to the opposite sex she wasn’t able to lock down a husband until the ripe old age of ~24, has finally completed her endlessly discussed pregnancy.

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Stasia Will Crash Her Car While Eating

Stasia, now rebranded as 500tofreedom, has experienced yet another griftable opportunity, er, tragedy.

How did this happen, you didn’t ask? Well, Stasia explains that she was rooting around in her car for food when…

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Freckled Fox Had Her Latest Baby

Emily Meyers, pregnant with her replacement husband’s ladycub, is no longer pregnant. Princess Pinterest Leggings of Wolflandia appeared sometime last night.

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