John Bishop Loves Guns And America

John Bishop, husband of Michelle and an “entrepreneur”, has shared a heartfelt message about gun control barely a week after the Florida school shooting that claimed 17 lives.

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Prissy Melissa’s Man Will Drag Their Baby On The Floor

Melissa Ellis, person who lost weight, recently had an emergency c-section to remove a baby 5 weeks early. Apparently he’s doing ok because her male family members feel safe dragging him around on the floor for instagram lols.

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Freckled Fox Will Road Trip While Facing Imminent Childbirth

With like 30 minutes left before the birth of her replacement husband’s Wolfbaby, Emily Meyers has embarked on a ’40 hour road trip’ with ‘no destination in mind’.

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Pink Peonies Wants A Reality Show

Rachel Parcell, fashion designer, apparently got together with her sisters and mom to create a “casting reel” to pitch a reality tv show. And it is the most hysterical, wtf thing you’ve ever seen.

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Freckled Fox Can Recreate That Photoshoot

Emily Meyers, “writer”, did a new family photoshoot that looks an awful lot like a previous photoshoot.

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Freckled Fox Gets Replacement Dog

Emily Meyers, middle name unknown, has proven she can quickly replace husbands. Apparently dogs aren’t so easily replaceable – it took five whole months.

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Lani Diane Rich Reveals “Harrowing” Story Of The Last Weeks Of Her Marriage

Lani, podcaster and award winning author who you may remember from Dusted and Storywonk, has revealed some trigger-warning-required allegations against her ex-husband Alistair Alastair.

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