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Avitable Admits Being A Dirtbag To Unsurprised World

Adam Heath, long whispered to be a dirtbag, has admitted to being a dirtbag.

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Freckled Fox Will Sponsor Her Grief

Emily Meyers, widowed for 84 days, has shared a story of in-law gratitude that provides yet another soft-focus version of how she dealt with her first husband’s death. And of course it’s an #ad.

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Fat Guy Across America Is Trying Again

Eric Hites, the ‘fat guy’ who tried to ride a bike across the country a couple of years ago, has announced he is starting his journey again this week. Sort of.

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Jessica Quirk Would Like You To Buy Her Clothes

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is making it possible for you to wear what she wore – for a price.

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Love Taza Can Put Down Her Phone For Five Minutes

Naomi Davis, power couple, went to Utah and wants to tell you all about “slowing down” without internets.

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The Bride Wore Smug: A KERF Wedding

KERF, of the custom napkin KERFs, has realized her “perfect day”.

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Gluten-Free Girl Is Glad She Doesn’t Have Cancer

Shauna Ahern, joyful of belly, is off to see a Dear Friend for “a celebration”.

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