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Jessica Quirk Will Start Journaling On ‘What I Wore’

Jessica Quirk, used to be a personal style blogger, is now apprently just a regular blogger. She has announced she intends to begin posting personal journal entries to WIW.

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Internets WTF

Avitable Says Farewell Cruel Internets

Adam Avitable, the true victim/hero in all of this you know, has announced he “never would have decided on my own to walk away from my audience” – but now he’s “done”.

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Instagram WTF

Jenna Cole Wants To Know If Her Skincare Is Racist

Living Absolutely‘s Jenna, sex weeper, would like you to weigh in on whether or not white people are allowed to use charcoal skin masks. Yes, really.

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Instagram WTF

Alina Will Explain Why Pugs Are Fantastic

The Hyperbalist Alina Gonzalez, amazing, loves pugs. She loves pugs more than you love pugs, and she knows why pugs are amazedonks. Let her tell you why.

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Instagram WTF

Love Taza Will Support Breast Cancer March By Posing For An Instagram Picture

Naomi Davis, supports women, supported women this weekend by standing on a corner with her daughter to take a super hashtaggable gram pic.

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Pregnant Freckled Fox Is Off On A Honeymoon Cruise

Emily Meyers Sometimes Also Carmack, pregnant, is evidently on a boat headed towards Zika virus central.

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Raven Smith Says You Should Take Responsibility For Your Rape

Raven, of ‘Don’t Quote The Raven‘ infamy, is evidently still desperately trying to prove to men that she is a sexy non-feminist cool girl who is totally on their side.

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