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Jenna Cole Is Leaving San Francisco

Jenna Cole, wife, mother, amazing tech woman, entrepreneur, marijuana advocate, feminist, will soon be Living Absolutely in Washington state.

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Dooce Community Being Dispersed

The Dooce Community, the all-but-dead henhouse where Dooce’s fanpoodles discuss what they had for lunch, is on its way out.

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Ashlee Will Shame Your Business

Ashlee Rhodes, mother to an escape artist toddler, has posted a public shaming of the gym where she lost her child for a few minutes.

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Glennon Doyle Melton And Abby Are ‘Forever’

The Glennon Doyle Melton Tsunami Of Life Changes thunders on. She just announced her “private” relationship with Abby Wambach now involves rings.

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Mr. Shaytards Caught Messaging Camgirl

AriaNina, self-described cam girl, has posted some pretty raunchy, possibly NSFW DMs allegedly from supposed family man and youtube “celebrity”  ShayCarl.

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Jessica Quirk’s Birth Story, Let Us Enjoy It Together

What I Wore finally squirked the Mini Messica she always wanted, and now that she’s “processed” it she would like to  sharebrag the “emotionally healing experience”.

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Barefoot Blonde Says The Reporter Didn’t Like Her

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.56.50 PM

Amber Clark, super relatable, took a moment out of her busy bikini filled day to comment on a profile piece about her in The Atlantic. The profile wasn’t really all that flattering, and Amber knows why – apparently the reporter wasn’t a fangirl.

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