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KERF Has Some Things To Tell You

Kath Eats, of one taco fame, has posted a “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You” post because apparently that blog cliche is making the rounds again. In it, she addresses all those things readers have wondered for months.

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Internets WTF

Allie Wants You To Pay Her College Tuition

Allie Dowdle, white girl from “a local private school”, started a GoFundMe claiming her parents won’t pay her tuition because she’s dating a black guy.

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Jessica Quirk’s Daughter Already Showing Herself To Be Obedient

Immediately after Messica’s whining about still being pregnant her daughter obliged the queenwomanmommy’s wishes and squirked her way into the world. As predicted in the forums for months she went with a name that could be pet named into Bee.

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What I Wore Awaits Her Baby With Grace And Gratitude

Jessica Quirk, second time mother, is spending the last days of her pregnancy complaining about still being pregnant.

These last few weeks are rough…It’s so hard not to overanalyze each and every little thing or to consider ways to induce labor.

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Mamagrammers Not Even Trying Anymore

Mamawatters, the original kinfolky prairie mamagrammer, posted a fun snow day picture of her sons on ye olde oh-so-rustic LL Bean red sled.

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Was Hey Natalie Jean “Dumped” By Husband?

Over the New Year Hey Natalie Jean, former blogger, posted a strange update to instagram stories. Just a year and a half after being dragged to Idaho by Mr. Natalie Jean she posted a burning list with what looked like a claim that she was “dumped by my husband”.

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Tiffany’s Fat Baby Is Now A Card Game

Happy New Year! I wonder what baby peddler Tiffany is up to this year? Wait, what?


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